Styczeń 27, 2018


Craft beer pub with 12 kinds of beer on the taps offering the union of slow food in the New York style with the Polish restaurant classics. Always fresh and high quality ingredients, naturally fermented vegetables; meat cured, marinated and smoked in house accompanied by craft beers. The place that invites vegans and meat lovers to meet by the same table.

The space is located in a historical palace and consists of three halls that can host over 100 people. The first two are more public, located close to the bar whereas the last one is more secluded and well suited for more private events.

There will be also a magical restaurant garden of 200 square meters when the spring comes.

The restaurant space is also a home to Eufemia Art Gallery curated by the students of the Academy of Fine Arts who frequent the place.



Appetizers and Salads

Quinoa salad – quinoa, broccoli, pickled beetroot, parsley, roasted sunflower seeds, dressing with olive oil and dried tomatoes (vegan)– 23 PLN
Pastrami salad – our own pastrami, smoked in house, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parmigiana cheese, olive oil, garlic, vinegar, focaccia – 29 PLN

Main Dishes

Fried egg – with garlic and fried oyster mushroom, roast potatoes on the side (vege) – 23 PLN
Vegetable Curry – coconut milk with rice and vegetables – 21 PLN (vegan)
add tofu (+4 PLN)
or shrimp (+ 9 PLN)
Roasted pork neck with gravy with roasted potatoes and beetroot salad – PLN 26

Meats and Oscypek in our bread roll
served with roast potatoes and red coleslaw salad

Pastrami in our bread roll – our own pastrami, smoked in house in our bread roll with homemade wasabi mayonnaise, Brussel sprouts, curry pickled cucumber and lettuce – 29 PLN
Pulled pork in our bread roll –slow roasted pork smoked in house served in our bread roll with red onion, beetroot sprouts, chopped peppers, ginger and spinach – 29 PLN
Beef cheeks in our bread roll – slow cooked beef cheeks in homemade red wine sauce in our bread roll with bacon chips, red onion jam, jalapeno and lettuce – 29 PLN
Oscyp burger – fried oscypek (Polish mountain cheese) – from Podhale with kale, lamb’s lettuce, pomegranate seeds, dates marmalade, chilli and lime, in our bread roll (vege) – 29 PLN

Pizza 25/33 CM

Marinara 16 zł / 23 zł
tomato sauce, garlic, olive oil, oregano
Margherita 16 zł / 23 zł
tomato sauce, cheese
Pepperoni 17 zł / 25 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni
Prosciutto e Funghi 19 zł / 26 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms
Carbonara 21 zł / 27 zł
White sauce, cheese, bacon
Ricco 21 zł / 27 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, ham, mushrooms, onion, olives
Nuvola 21 zł / 27 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, ricotta, freshly ground pepper
Oleoso 21 zł / 27 zł
tomato sauce, mascarpone, cherry tomatoes, olive oil
Diavola 21 zł / 27 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, salamia spianata piccante, jalapeno
Verdure 21 zł / 27 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, zucchini, eggplant, red onion
Eufemia 26 zł / 34 zł
tomato sauce, cheese, rucola, our own pastrami, parmigiano cheese, cherry tomatoes


Lemon tart with salty caramel – 12 PLN
Chocolate brownie – 14 PLN

Cold beverages

Coca Cola, 330ml – 8 PLN
Water , 330ml – 7 PLN
Fritz-Cola, 330ml – 12 PLN
Home-made lemonade, 330ml – 10 PLN
Green jasmine iced tea, 330ml – 10 PLN
Hot tea – 8 PLN
(black, earl grey, green, rooibos, fruit tea, yerba mate)


Espresso – 7 PLN
Americano – 7 PLN
Americano with milk– 7 PLN
Cappuccino – 9 PLN
Café Latte – 13 PLN
additional espresso shot – 2 PLN

Lunch – 21 PLN (on weekdays)


We have 12 taps. We have 7 taps with all kinds of craft beers carbonated with CO2, there is one craft beer carbonated with nitrogen.   There is Czech lager on the last tap. Beer is served in two sizes small (0.3l)and large (0.5l). You can order beer at the bar or ask for a beer menu.


We have 3 taps with house wine and prosecco.

Spinollo bianco (glass / carafe 0.5l)  PLN 10 / PLN 29

Spinollo rosso (glass / carafe 0.5l)  PLN 10 / PLN 29

Prosecco  (glass / carafe 0.5l)  PLN 10 / PLN 29


Pietra di Cabernet Sauvignon delle Venezie

Kore Sicilia DOC Nero d’Avola

Pietra di Sauvignon delle Venezie

Kore Sicilia DOC Catarratto Poderi Vitese


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